Digital Marketing for Dentists: Ultimate Guide to Ascend 2023.16 min read

Guide to Dental Marketing

A galloping form of effort, both the studies and clinic set up drained your pockets just to get into being what you are, a dentist!

And for many of us, once we are out of the blue and facing the real world, we start getting haunted by doubts and the questioning of whether we have what it takes to at least compensate for what was and is still being invested. It’s exceptionally difficult not only to get patients but to have a clinic ready and a door open when it comes to your practice; however, this guide has got you covered!

Regardless of wherever you are in you career journey, this post guide got you covered!

Note: This post is just a brief representation of an ultimate guide that covers all it takes to build and understand a solid marketing strategy for your dental business. It takes you from all the possible places you are in with your Dental business and walk you through the whole planning step ,what strategies to use and what kind of help to seek.

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Marketing Concepts you Must Understand to Market your Dental Practice Digitally!

#1 What is a Brand?

Tips for branding your dental facility

A Brand is simply the character and identity your company implements and reflects in the Market; it is just the literal definition of who you are and what your values are, but from a commercial aspect, It includes your mission, your product, prices, and goals.

How to Build Your Dental Brand?

Regardless of the industry or the channel you are using to introduce your Brand to your audience, you have to understand what directs your Brand’s values and mission isn’t your creative intent and free will. It’s the Market! Your values and the awareness you spread about your Brand and product are mainly chosen via your competitor’s analysis and existing products on the Market; even if you are a dentist who is willing to take themselves as their Brand, you have to understand who are you competing with in the first place? then our innovation and creative contribution takes place.

The Key Factor Here : Isn’t just about being creative; it’s about positioning yourself in the right place and then expressing your selling points to the right audience!

#2 Digital Marketing isn’t only about Reaching out to Potential Patients!

That’s a second common misconception a lot of marketers and business owners have when starting out a marketing campaign of any kind, even though it’s no rocket science and has nothing fancy to implement.

In order for your business to ascend via these marketing channels, you have to understand that it isn’t only about the visibility to the right customer or even just offering them the right offer or having the right deal ( again, it’s just part of the equation and not the whole answer!).

To translate all of that into actual sales or leads or even appointments, in our case! You never run a race that isn’t yours!

If you want to win over bigger brands that other dental practices offer, you must understand who you are competing with. And where are you exactly in comparison to who you are trying to beat.

Again, if you are a shoemaker, for example, and you are willing to have a brand that can beat up Nike or Adidas, you have to understand where you are starting from because in order for you to beat the big boss in the game, you have to pass through all his men and thugs in the beginning and once you do that, you now can compete against whoever you want!

So, if you are researching the Market and want to know who your actual competitors are, identify which race you can run in the first place!

Bare in Mind: if you are still starting the branding for your dental practice, it doesn’t mean you are just competing against clinics or dental offices with no reputation at all (cause that just wouldn’t make sense), but identify the ones you have the potential to grow against and beat, remember as long as you have a product you will always have a race to run!

#3 If It exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for it!

Do you know why many dental practices fail to build a reputation online?

Many of them just see a list of a lot of marketing channels and methods that are just all hard to afford or hard to excel at their early starting points, and thus, they quit trying to waste their time and money on all of this nonsense as they end up drained and yet their pockets are even more empty than before!

Digital marketing offers many channels, through which you will pay and work hard on, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to run all these races at the same time!

Even nearly all of what we will be discussing now offer a marketing channel through which potential customers can reach you and become your patients, but guess what, none of them is for free, neither in financial nor practical terms, so if you are just starting to market yourself you can try and excel via the channels within your reach and most adequate to your case!

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Now, let’s get our hands dirty!

Reminder: Whether you are willing to hire an agency or a company to carry over or you are willing to do it yourself, remember that the best outcome isn’t guaranteed unless you understand how your Brand is being introduced to your audience even from a production perspective only.

The Two Major Channels of Digital Marketing

The Major Channels of dental marketing

1. Branding Yourself to Patients That are Actually Searching for a dentist.

And that includes basically all the routes that introduce your Brand to the audience who is actively searching for your services.

For many marketers, Google ads (previously known as Google Adwords) became something from the past, especially for those who are hooked on the concept that AI one day will take over search engines and humanity!

However, according to Statista, Google’s advertising revenue increased by the end of 2022 to reach 191.69 billion US Dollars, exceeding 2021, 2020, and 2019, at which the online Market was in incredible demand due to COVID quarantine restrictions!

Types Of Campaigns Supported by Google Ads :
  1. Search Ads
  2. Youtube Ads
  3. Discovery Ads
  4. Display ads (Banner ads)

It can actually bring up your clinic or dental office to the top of the search pages as an advertisement declaring your ongoing promotions or discounts to the adequate audience within the regions and areas of your choice, within the search queries declared by the services or products your potential customers are searching for!

You don’t necessarily need to sell anything via search ads. You can also use this strategy to bring more eyes to you and get more leads to your website. Brand awareness is crucial as dentistry is one of the most connection-dependent professions, and thus, it’s crucial to understand your business needs and have a strategic approach even if you are willing to hire a digital marketing agency!

It can actually bring up your clinic or dental office to the top of the search pages as an advertisement declaring your ongoing promotions or discounts to the adequate audience within the regions and areas of your choice, within the search queries declared by the services or products your potential customers are searching for!

You don’t necessarily need to sell anything via search ads; you can also use this strategy to bring more eyes to you and get more leads to your website. Brand awareness is crucial as dentistry is one of the most connection-dependent professions, and thus, it’s crucial to understand your business needs and have a strategic approach even if you are willing to hire a digital marketing agency!

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

SEO basically stands for the practice of using content creation as your main route to reach the top of a search query on Google. You aren’t on the top of the page because you are an ad, you simply outranked the other results, and that’s where many business owners are fooled by the shiny nickel of SEO,

Why should you use Google ads as your main advertising method when you actually have another way by which you can reach the top without paying a penny?

And since you have reached this part, trust me you don’t want to get fooled because quitting becomes an obsession, none of all of the above is actually free by any means. Neither SEO nor any other route will be priceless with a guaranteed result; there is no such thing!

Regardless of the channel you are going to use to build your Brand and digital presence of your dental practice, Huge returns will always need serious investments.

However, Using content to reach the top can also help you build relationships with other brands and establish connections with your audience, which certainly adds up to your traction and appointments!

As much as it is crucial to understand that your Market is the one directing your brand values, it’s crucial to understand that the type of marketing channel you choose isn’t 100% up to you, and in order to understand which to go for first or even to proceed with you have to understand your service compatibility with the User’s Search intent.

In one of the greatest books out there, “3 Months to Number 1,” Will Coombe explains and compares Google Ads and Google SEO according to the User’s intent in an awesome descriptive context.

Any new business offering a product or service which is either low end / high volume (such as stationery or office equipment, for example) or something valued by people bereft of time (such as emergency plumbers or perhaps personal assistants), will likely be better off with a well-executed Google Ads campaign. This is because, in these instances, consumers want the quickest and most prominent search result, which will always be the Adverts at the top of the page. People always use Google to find something quickly or go there to find something they can trust. For speed, they’ll be happy with the Ads. For confidence in quality, they’ll opt for organic.”

As an example, if people are willing to have a Zirconia crown restoration in the upper central incisors and search for “Cheapest Zirconia crown,” they are more likely to click on the ad that shows at the top and promises a 35% Crown restoration for new patients, rather than scrolling down and comparing between organic results, while if the User is searching for something more critical like “Best Oral surgeons in Town” They are going to seek what shows as more trusted and organic in the search results, as well as they didn’t specify an extremely specific intent behind the search, they could be just navigating, making them less likely to go for the ads and more likely to into the organic search results.

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Google My Business (Local SEO) :

Google My Business, known today as Google Business Profile, is a crucial way via which your patients can access your dental office as a location on the map; whenever a user is searching for nearby facilities, google displays compatible business profiles within the surrounding zone to the User,

Profiles can include
  1. Your dental facilities attributes.
  2. Working Hours.
  3. Interior photos.
  4. Working Hours.
  5. Location on Google Maps.
  6. Your Overall ratings and reviews.

It can even contribute to your Website’s Search rankings on Google, so your Google business profile isn’t just important; it’s crucial!

According to the National Library of Medicine, in a study conducted via a survey filled by 497 patients from 5 different dental clinics to identify and measure the contribution of each and every contributing factor to their overall satisfaction with the dental facility they were in, it was found that the Dental practitioner’s expertise conducted for 42.6% to their overall satisfaction while the clinical setting of each dental facility accounted for 31.5%.

You can easily have many patients choosing you over other nearby businesses just because your clinical setting presentation is more appealing, so it’s crucial to keep your business profile photos up to date!

#2 Branding Yourself to Users with Potential Interest in Your Services.

Our main goal isn’t introducing your dental facility to users who are actively searching for you. Now, you are introducing yourself to users with behavioral patterns indicating a potential interest in your products.

Social Media Marketing :

And before you even think of skipping this part or considering it unnecessary pain, think twice!

How Social Media Can Impact a Patient’s Choice :

As Social Media Marketing isn’t only about getting more patients as much as it’s about establishing connections and “Socializing” your Brand with your audience, such a step is a no-brainer when it comes to Dental practices, and that’s not only our opinion, that’s a study backed reality!

According to a recent study approved by the Ethics Committee of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, published by BMC Oral Health journal, conducted via an online questionnaire on a Spanish population regarding their access to the social media profiles of the dental clinics they were visiting normally, 41.4% of the patients indicated they had visited their dental service providers social media, 23.5% indicated social media as useful whenever they were choosing a dental practice, and nearly 86% of which indicated that social media has directly influenced their decision whenever they were choosing a dentist in the past few years.

It was quite obvious, as well, that a larger percentage of patients who were willing to choose a dentist in the last few years (2-5 years) are more likely to conduct their search or decision via social media than patients choosing a dentist 10 years ago.

Your Social Media Profile Can Ease Your Patient’s Dental Anxiety!

As stated before, it’s Crucial to “Socialize” your practice with your potential audience, as it establishes a person-to-person connection, which is conducted best via social media!

According to a 2021 experiment that was conducted on patients who were willing to have an impacted tooth extraction under local anesthesia, patients were subdivided into 3 categories.

Group A: Patients with dental professionals established a connection with them right before the operation via replying to them on Instagram.

Group B: Patients who were connected with dental professionals via Instagram right before and right after operational procedures.

Group C: Patients who weren’t connected with dental professionals at all.

Results : After an anxiety assessment was conducted on each group, it was found that group C had expressed the highest overall anxiety against their overall dental experience and wasn’t the most comfortable group of patients in comparison to Groups A and B.

What’s Next?!

To know more about who to hire, what are the whys you need to answer before planning out your Digital Marketing Strategy, and how to start from your own place and perspective, We have all of that covered in detail in our Free guide!

In order to be able to elevate your sales and get more patients as a dentist, you have to understand and adapt to the mentality of a business owner assessing the right strategies and plans for his own business; remember, You Are The Captain now! and even if you are willing to contact a marketing agency or hire a team to do it for you, you have to know how everything goes, you don’t have to understand the details, but you have to understand and see the bigger picture better than anyone beneath you, you are your own Brand!

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