Who am I?

Few years back, once I started out dental school, I got into blogging as a hobby, to be honest, it offered a lot one of which was being able to share myself and to share my thoughts, a unique form of connection where I shared things I wasn’t able to say or express, and I loved that.

However, as I got into Dental school, I decided to try out and start a side hustle or a new skill that I can gain and use as a side business during my college years, especially when my academic fees, tools and equipment got a little pricey , I wanted to have a contribution in my own financial aspect and not just leave it all to my parents, and at that exact moment I got deceived by the shiny nickel of Digital Marketing…..especially SEO!

So I started learning, traditionally I worked my way with every book I laid a hand on, and even took courses, literally any imaginable action that you could identify as a learning mechanism was tested and evaluated on me, I can now tell you the greatest tutor out of all these steps especially now!, via which you can really start an online successful business and rule out your market.

The best tutor throughout all the hurdles was simply me, I was the main rat all these channels were experimented on and I can tell you in the digital world you are the observer as much as the rat!

So I decided to start my own rat (which is Viralence), feed it my own message and values, and share what I’ve learned and still learning, and that’s why I think Viralence is just offering the best and most practical tactics and trivia for your business to start and evolve because it’s an everlasting rat for the tips and tactics it offers.

The Early years....

Hmmm…..Well, that’s a tricky one!
If I decided to dive deeper into the conversation here, that would be a 4-hour conversation that still needs a second or a third part to make sense, but I will try and summarize it in the neatest form possible!

My life was and still a hell of a ride, a train or a bus that never gets empty, stopping by numerous stations, each of which can have its own chapters and colors, I may need a lot of words to express and talk about the darkest stations so that I can’t do here but what I can fully guarantee, that the darkest of which were the most meaningful and I never got out of a tough station without learning my way out! 

As much as one can feel lost in the dark, you have to understand that these are the most enlightening parts of your and nothing positive can come out of strength.

Remember J.K Rowling’s saying:
“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

So my rock bottom got me here, few years ago!, and I believe that 90 percent of any top achieverhad a similar station in life, and that’s one of the greatest shifts I had if I compared myself to my early days.

Because back….whenever I hit a rock bottom, I yelled and cried and blamed the universe and those around me, but now I acknowledge the darkest stations as much as I embrace the best of’em!