Why is James Dooley the Godfather of SEO Marketing in 2023?5 min read

Getting into SEO or probably was and still is fueled by an ambitious image of entrepreneurship and constructing your business, financial freedom, and success upon your Reputation or probably having a product, a service that you are willing to sell more and build an audience without either real-life constraints or costs.

Nearly all of us agree on the same image; it could differ to suit everyone, but we all have the same principal component behind every step we take.

That could be the most straightforward answer to your question, “Why is James Dooley the godfather of SEO marketing?” he is just like the one who reached the end of the tunnel to many SEO seekers these days. Still, if you are a business considering hiring James Dooley or seeking him from a professional perspective, we have much to cover.

A Brief History of James Dooley

Before SEO, James was meant to be a project manager for a company that builds sports pitches and playgrounds. However, besides SEO, he still has this business; he even owns a horse racing company and is still scaling them up even more!

To relate James to a particular company or SEO entity is entirely pointless, as he owns multiple companies and over 200 websites that offer such services under his name and supervision; however, here are James Dooley’s top companies to reach out to:



And many other privately managed businesses.

How Legitimate Are His Services

In one of the few interviews James had online or even the descriptive assets he has on his many facilities online, there is a very prominent conclusion that anyone could have just from watching or reading any of them.

What makes his award-winning SEO practice the best isn’t simply being the best at every single aspect required to rank your website,

They always have an expert or Jack of every specific trade; what makes them exceptional as an entity with a solid foundation is understanding the depth of every aspect of their practice. However, they are entirely credited with being the best at simply planning and building up the best strategy and business model for your niche!

Even though James is better known as a “Digital Landlord” rather than the “godfather of SEO marketing” as he owns a lot of business models that are diversified and already ranking in multiple niches, as a business owner, you can have a very well fitting website or digital facility for your own business that is already ranking and ready to go!

Why Choose James Dooley ?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “digital Guru”; digital marketing is an incredibly changing and evolving industry (specifically SEO), so no one will practically reach a level that needs no testing/failure and entirely relies on strategies he has acquired already.

However, there are many incredible examples to look up to if you are getting into a niche or even looking for someone to hire.

To choose who to hire, who to learn from, or even who to look up to, let’s go back to your Tribal primitive brain…..

Weird right?! Now bear with me….

Usually, back in the day, the line separating the “Self” or any of your tribe members was nearly diminished or blurred….

That’s an incredibly crucial fact many brands and marketers consider when establishing any form of brand awareness or even marketing a product; that’s why many brands and influencers tend to try and find a common background with their audience or even celebrate the same values as theirs since you are most likely to buy from them as the line between yourself and their brand is somehow……” blurred”!

That’s why many influencers succeed in building a reputation of being the best at any niche and even get paid to teach you or offer you their “Exceptional” service, which could even be beyond average. Still, you prefer them because of the “motivational” videos they make or “influential Stories” they say via many platforms; they are similar to you. Still, they got over whatever problem or obstacle you are facing now!

The best product they sell…..is Hope.

A considerable part of influencer marketing is establishing a valuable connection with their audience regardless of their product or service.

So, to choose wisely, ask yourself, are you moved by James’ influential SEO and marketing contributions and resume or primarily by his inspiring life story?!

That’s an incredibly crucial step to take before communicating with anyone. Ask yourself whether their professional or personal Reputation is the most inspiring, and that could be your answer…

Back to James Dooley’s journey, which is indeed inspiring on a personal level, but at the same time, I didn’t find any false promises that create the foundation for his online presence; his Reputation is well established in many digital entities and not only based on his website or online presence.

Regardless of not trying that hard….he does have an inspiring online persona.

Even when marketing any of his companies or websites, they always state they have the best Jack for every trade. He credit them to be the best at placing the entire strategy rather than the GOAT of every aspect of SEO.

Wrapping up……

Why is James Dooley the best SEO expert in the Universe (in my personal opinion)?

I have been following up and reading much of James Dooley‘s content since I got into SEO and digital marketing. I see that James’ Reputation could be the most authentic of many others within the field; however, many influential and genuinely inspiring figures in SEO exist.

But what I see incredibly exceptional about his Reputation is that even though he doesn’t do much to talk about his journey, I find it quite influential and inspiring; even the ones he has written about him aren’t coming from his presence, his projects are his most authentic testimonials and most significant part of his online presence.

The greatest Marketing point he has is being genuine and doing things right!